V-Guard Ceiling Fan

  • A three-year warranty, to ensure there is a consistent standard of performance
  • Easy to clean
  • Wide aluminum blades that provide better air delivery
  • Attractive and vibrant colour options that create a unique finish
  • A highly advanced system of technology to prevent dust and dirt accumulation
  • A high-speed motor bringing you an unmatched performance standard
  • Double-shielded ball bearings providing smooth and efficient rotation

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SKU Glado Prime Pearl Brown
Brand V Guard
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Glado Prime ceiling fans are handsomely crafted with quality material to bring you a high level of efficiency, with a three-year warranty to facilitate consistent performance. Equipped with highly advanced dust-repellent technology, this dust-proof fan is your perfect choice of cooling if ‘hygiene’ is high on your list of priorities. Dust accumulation, a major hassle with most ceiling fans, is addressed by the powerful mechanism that permeates the core of Glado Prime, resulting in less dust deposition.

These fans are fortified by a high-speed motor, to bring you a performance standard that is unparalleled. Their wide aluminium blades ensure better air delivery. Glado prime fans are further distinguished by double-shielded ball bearings that facilitate smooth rotation.

Glado Prime comes in a variety of fascinating and vibrant colour combinations, guaranteed to bring you a unique finish that is in keeping with the aesthetic of a room. It is easy to overlook the technical excellence of a ceiling fan that looks as good as it delivers; Glado Prime is a class apart.



V Guard


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